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How to navigate European data

By Florent Moise, Waldemar Ockert, and Edith Aggarwal

Nov. 1, 2022 | White Paper | 19-minute read

How to navigate European data

Life sciences leaders around the globe recognize that data is a strategic differentiator that can help their organization secure competitive advantages. With data-driven insights, companies can make more calculated R&D decisions, reduce clinical trial failure rates, generate the evidence they need to facilitate better market access terms and target accounts strategically.


Patient-level data sets are particularly valuable because they are versatile, enabling an array of strategic applications. But to source these data sets, organizations must navigate a complex regulatory environment that varies by region—and European data is notoriously difficult to procure.


This ZS white paper details how life sciences companies can obtain European data sets, even as they must contend with a fragmented network of more than 2,500 distinct data sources, each with its own set of nuances and terms. Navigating this data landscape is not easy, but the organizations that identify the data sets best suited for their use cases and applications are poised to make better and, at times, faster strategic decisions in a range of critical business areas.

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