Medical omnichannel: Transforming for impact

By Maria Whitman, and Jones Jaick

April 29, 2024 | Webinar | 52-minute watch

Medical omnichannel: Transforming for impact

With advances in data, technology, processes, digital capabilities and AI, medical affairs organizations can deliver medical impact by leveraging an integrated omnichannel approach to scientific exchange to close knowledge gaps and respond to the unmet needs of healthcare providers (HCPs). In this on-demand webinar, Jean-Jacques Murama, AVP of Global Medical Education and Omnichannel at Eli Lilly, talks with ZS’s Jones Jaick and Maria Whitman about how medical affairs can transform the scientific engagement landscape by using digital capabilities to address care gaps and enhance evidence dissemination. Learn how medical affairs can capitalize on this opportunity to reimagine and transform its engagement with key opinion leaders, community HCPs and broader stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How HCP engagement in medical affairs is shifting to a more coordinated and omnichannel approach in organizations to enable medical strategy
  • Medical affairs’ unique role in shaping scientific education and clinical practice pre- and post-launch through addressing unmet needs and care discordances and enhancing evidence dissemination to meet medical imperatives and drive outcomes
  • The need to break down internal silos across medical functions and the key capabilities (data, analytics, content, orchestration and channels) to enable personalized omnichannel engagements
  • The mindset and cultural shift that is required in medical teams across functions to enable omnichannel in medical affairs for maximum impact

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