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Novel ways pharma can engage with the healthcare ecosystem

Dec. 7, 2021 | Video | 16-minute watch

Novel ways pharma can engage with the healthcare ecosystem

The expanding healthcare ecosystem is creating more opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to collaborate and partner. As these organizations continue to define their role in the ecosystem, it’s important to identify new ways to work with existing and emerging players. The key is recognizing the areas of crossover within the ecosystem and uncovering the value that’s nestled in the intersections between players.


There have never been so many opportunities and incentives for pharma companies and other players to team up to address unfulfilled healthcare needs, transform patient care and meet their own and overlapping business goals. What value does this approach bring? A greater and more coordinated impact on patients’ lives. That means improved health outcomes—both for individuals and entire populations—fewer health inequities, better patient experiences and an overall reduction in costs.


In this video, ZS CEO Pratap Khedkar moderates a conversation with three leaders from across the healthcare spectrum. They share the lessons that their respective organizations have learned and their thoughts on how life sciences companies can collaborate with other players for greater value.

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