In ZS’s Future of Health report, more than 9,500 healthcare consumers and 1,000 providers spanning six major economies identified disconnects keeping healthcare from reaching its full potential, such as the fact that adults are half as likely to feel cared for as their doctors think. But what role should biopharma and medtech play in addressing these? ZS Principals Bill Coyle and Brian Chapman will share how the global pharma and medtech industries can take a closer look at their business models to make sure they are focused on solving the right things that drive real value for healthcare consumers and the customers of their products. 


During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Relevant findings from our latest Future of Health report
  • Why a shift in business models is needed when research shows that traditional medical interventions (“sick care”) account for only 10% to 20% of health outcomes
  • Strategies to tackle big healthcare challenges by defining them and breaking them into smaller challenges
  • How to adopt a “full contact sport” mentality by engaging with consumers, healthcare providers and others in the ecosystem to drive real change
  • Why it’s so important for your operations to flex to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems