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Inside Global Pharma: The next era of the global launch

Nov. 10, 2022 | Podcast | 31-minute listen

Inside Global Pharma: The next era of the global launch

On this episode of Inside Global Pharma, Jennifer Curtis and Maria Whitman discuss trends in global launches—from the drivers of commercial success to how companies can best map realistic opportunities for their pipeline assets. Listen to hear their predictions for what the future looks like including opportunities, challenges and priority areas to invest for success.


Highlights from the episode:

  • Today, 40% of launches fail to meet expectations due to smaller and fragmented opportunities, increasing complexity of customer groups and global pharma’s more compressed resources
  • Economic pressures and pipeline evolution from blockbusters to more targeted therapies necessitate a shift from traditional “command and control” to “needs-driven” launch models
  • No-regret moves for pharma include making strategic decisions that balance short versus long-term capability development, focusing on customer needs, building digital capabilities and embracing more agile launch models

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