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Your digital transformation journey depends on data

March 9, 2022 | Webinar | 34-minute watch


There is no path to digital transformation where leveraging data isn’t the critical first step. And many companies are already using data to not just capture business value, but also create it. With more accessible data sources, advancements in technology that allow for faster analysis and an increased focus on interoperability, it feels like life sciences is on the cusp of continuous business value through more connected, contextual data. Join industry experts as they share personal experiences and guidance for companies that are just beginning their digital journey and those looking to magnify the value of their data for better customer and patient outcomes.


During this on-demand webinar, Mahmood Majeed, principal at ZS, and Aarti Shah, retired sr. vice president and CIDO of Eli Lilly and Company and board member of Northwestern Mutual and NVIDIA, discuss:

  • What is the difference between value creation and value capture through data?
  • How do companies measure and derive value through data?
  • How do you define value? What value archetypes should companies consider?

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