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900-plus ZSers celebrate career advancement

By Kailah Peters

March 10, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

900-plus ZSers celebrate career advancement

Recently, ZS promoted 900-plus ZSers in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments. These dedicated team members champion our business, people and clients worldwide. Empowered by a supportive and collaborative culture, ZSers utilize professional development coaching at all levels to reach great heights in their professional and personal lives. Keep reading for an inside look at how ZSers celebrated their promotions. Meet colleagues from London to Pune and see what made their celebration special!

“I believe the greatest strength that ZS has is the people, and they have proven me right time and again.”

The news of my promotion was a cherry on top of an already fantastic year. I usually travel a lot and was backpacking in Amritsar when I got the information. I headed home straight away to tell my family and planned to take them on a heritage trip to Kolkata. My family was ecstatic, and we celebrated with food and drinks. One day while on the trip, I was relaxing on a hotel balcony overlooking the famous Kolkata Howrah Bridge and felt grateful to have worked with such interesting, helpful, capable and kind people during my time at ZS. I believe the greatest strength that ZS has is the people, and they have proven me right time and again. Thanks to the people I work with, I look to the future with wide-eyed optimism and high hopes.

—Amritangshu M., a business technology solutions consultant in the Pune office

I was fortunate enough to celebrate my promotion both with my family and my ZS teammates. I lost count of how many times trips were canceled in the past two years, but my team had organized a safe travel to Jim Corbett, a national park in India, the weekend after promotions were announced. On this trip, I finally got to know them beyond virtual meetings. This was undoubtedly one of my most cherished memories of these two years working with my amazing and fun-loving team!

—Gunjan G., a business operations consultant in the New Delhi office

I was able to combine my promotion celebration with my brother's wedding celebrations back at home! I traveled to Goa, India after a long time away. It was quite a memorable trip! 

The past year has been quite a life-changing one for me. I lost one of my mentors, my father, to COVID. True to our core values, so many ZSers supported me. A big heartfelt thanks to my colleagues for their support during my tough times, as well as my good times. ZSers are just like an extended family to me. 

—Vaibhav D., a decision analytics manager in the London office

After receiving the promotion news from my office managing principal and my PD coach, I shed a few tears of joy and signed off for the day. I headed home to share the news with my family and celebrated by spending lots of quality time with my son over the holidays!

—Jenny A., an office manager in the Toronto office 

Congratulations to all recently promoted ZSers! Learn more about your opportunities for growth at ZS by visiting our careers page and social media.

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