Life at ZS

Growing with ZS

By Kailah Peters

Aug. 16, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

Growing with ZS

With over 35 offices around the world, ZS offers unparalleled career opportunities. Our people can connect with brilliant minds around the world, use their passion to drive life-changing impact and explore the toughest challenges facing life sciences, technology and beyond. Through professional development (PD) coaching and our EVOLVE program, ZSers are free to explore different practice areas and establish their own unique career paths. In a time when individuals can change jobs every few years, it’s no wonder ZSer Sarah Jegasothy has grown her career here since she joined us in 2005.

Where passion changes lives

Sarah has always been passionate about science. “I used to read New Scientist magazine as a kid and after studying biochemistry, I considered working in pharmaceutical consulting,” she recalls. Joining ZS seemed like a natural fit for her. Our broad range of clients have allowed Sarah to explore a range of opportunities and interests, fostering continued growth from an associate in London to an office managing principal in Singapore.

“I’ve stayed for so long because of the people and the opportunity to grow,” Sarah says. “What has made ZS a fun place for my career is the opportunity to pivot and choose different spaces to work in alongside everything else that is happening in my life.”


ZS has supported Sarah in trying a variety of roles and responsibilities. When she first joined ZS, Sarah focused on commercial challenges facing pharmaceutical and medtech clients in London. After expressing interest in new opportunities, she was able to pivot and explore global health. With the support of her husband, a ZS alumni, Sarah continued her learning by pursuing a master’s degree in global health policy. This sparked a new interest in market access and pricing challenges.


“I was curious about how ZS can help organizations make better decisions and get new therapies to eligible patients,” she says. “Our clients can develop the most fantastic and wonderful clinical innovations, but if the eligible patient pool can’t access it, then they’ve failed.”


Through conversations with her PD coach, and her newfound interest in market access and pricing challenges, Sarah got connected with a team exploring those areas. “There are a lot of things going on in the world,” Sarah says. “I like exploring how ZS can help be part of the solution by driving health equity.”


After working in this practice area, Sarah was elected principal. With this new title came the opportunity for continued growth and a push to explore new opportunities. Sarah moved abroad to work as an office managing principal in Singapore. ZS supported the transition and move, allowing Sarah and her family to set up residency in a new country.


“This transition has been continually rewarding,” she says. “I’ve talked with people in the office, gotten to know the new team and region and support clients across a wide range of business challenges, including and beyond market access.”


In the one-on-one conversations Sarah leads with her team in Singapore, she often stresses the importance of passion. “Find out what you enjoy and use that passion to drive your work. I like finding different situations and exploring different challenges, working at ZS allows me to do that every day.”


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Life at ZS

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