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Jess’s passion for digital value helps drive healthcare innovations

By Kailah Peters

Feb. 23, 2023 | Article | 2-minute read

Jess’s passion for digital value helps drive healthcare innovations

Over the course of her career, Principal Jessica Jarvis has always seen ZS as a data-oriented company. “Many of the founders and leaders of ZS were doing AI before AI was cool,” she jokes. Today, Jess leads our digital accelerator team, connecting strategy with data analytics and AI to scale through technology and develop digital solutions that drive behavior change in the marketplace.  

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Jess has been with ZS for over 20 years, starting as an analyst right out of university. Throughout her career at ZS, Jess has worked on a wide variety of projects. “I’ve had a lot of experience in data-oriented strategy, then got very entrenched in the patient journey,” she says. “I migrated toward drawing connections and integrations across those worlds; AI and technology paired with human-centered design and customer experience. This brought me to the digital part of my journey, which is what I’m doing now.”

Jess and her team are piecing together different parts of our business to prove the value of digital in our Data Connects Us campaign. The tag line “Data Connects Us” refers to the network of information that drives the healthcare industry and the ways we can fully harness and optimize data to ultimately deliver better results for patient outcomes. In a recent ZS survey, less than half of pharmaceutical executives said they believe their company generates the value they expected from their digital initiatives. ZS is working to change that. With the goal to innovate healthcare for all and a cutting-edge roster of products and solutions like ZAIDYN™, ZS is focusing on end-to-end solutions that harness the value of data in a meaningful way.


“Everything we look at is in the service of patients and driving toward improved global health outcomes,” says Jess. “That means developing more innovative therapies and bringing them to market faster. Through digital we can drive that change by bringing together the human side of the equation with data-driven recommendations.”


Jess believes this is possible by fully harnessing the potential of AI. “I now have chairs in my kitchen that are AI-generated chairs,” she says with glee. She explains that a furniture designer developed a creative brief for what the chairs would look like, then had AI generate the actual design. “They are quite comfortable chairs and pretty snazzy looking,” she laughs. “I think the cool thing behind this is that it’s not just the AI or just the creative individual. It’s the combination of the two that creates so much power.”


The same can be said for Jess’s work at ZS. By combining data-driven recommendations with human-centered design and problem solving, teams at ZS help clients achieve their goals. In one such example, Jess helped a large biopharma company address pain points experienced by their patients. She and her team not only personalized interactions through digital but also helped foster a culture focused on the patient. Jessica helped her client infuse the patient voice into decision-making across the organization from clinical and medical to commercial and manufacturing.

Technology is an ever-evolving landscape. Despite innovations launching with increasing frequency, there is still so much left for us to discover. What sets ZS apart is the way we enable our people to explore. “ZS is a very empowering company,” Jess says. “We are encouraged to explore the unknown, even if it might seem offbeat, and this keeps us on the leading-edge of healthcare innovation.”


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