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From research to strategy: Mei Chee Lim’s impactful path at ZS

By Kailah Peters

March 15, 2024 | Article | 4-minute read

From research to strategy: Mei Chee Lim's impactful path at ZS

Treat people right, get it right and do the right thing—for ZS this means supporting a culture of belonging and collaboration. We empower individual and collective contributions and value each person’s impact, which is why ZSers feel encouraged to share their expertise and energized to come together to improve outcomes for clients, each other and our communities. Immersed in an environment where diversity powers excellence, Mei Chee Lim, an associate in our Singapore office, applies her scholarly expertise in biomedical-related research to help develop new skills and deepen her professional career.

Where passion changes lives

Mei Chee didn’t set out to achieve a career in consulting. “A lot of my friends were going into the field, but I didn’t want to,” she says. “Because I was thinking about helping patients by doing research that could, ultimately, lead to finding cures.”

She earned a doctoral degree in integrated biology and medicine through a joint international program at Duke University and the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (National University of Singapore). Her primary research was focused on understanding cell signaling pathways in cancer that could be used to inform new treatments for precision medicine. To her surprise, she began thinking about consulting when she recognized she wanted to pursue a direction that wouldn’t take decades to translate into helping people. She got a taste of the kind of impact she might make through an internship and soon after found her way to ZS.

“That’s when I started a consulting club at the university,” Mei Chee says. “I realized many students, especially those with academic research backgrounds, don’t really know the opportunities that consulting offers.”

It was a seminal moment that led her to ZS. “The more I learned about ZS,” she says, “the more I wanted to join.” ZS’s core values were the same values that ignited Mei Chee’s passion for research. When she saw how welcoming ZSers were of her Ph.D. background during her interview process, and how invested the firm is in practicing these values, she knew ZS was the right place for her.

Now, Mei Chee works on the strategy insights and planning team, synthesizing data from research and testing insights to answer key business questions and guide clients in their decision-making.

“As a consultant, I feel I’m able to apply the same ways of thinking I learned in my Ph.D. program to help drive business impact for clients,” she says. For example, in one project she reviewed market research and interview data with doctors, patients and the client team. Because of her Ph.D. research background, Mei Chee was able to leverage scientific knowledge to help inform clients’ strategic commercial decisions. She extracted meaningful insights efficiently from large amounts of data and condensed the findings into an easily understandable presentation. When presenting to the client, she and her team were prepared to offer data-driven answers to facilitate meaningful discussions.

Mei Chee is thrilled to have opportunities to generate insights from data, collaborate with equally ambitious colleagues to deliver quality work and bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and industry application. Her work highlights the complexities of successfully navigating client needs and new challenges. Her eagerness to learn and expand her career has been matched by ZS’s willingness to foster growth in our people. Though early in her career, Mei Chee is frequently given the opportunity to present to clients and step into leadership positions, including co-authoring an article on the industry trends shaping medtech’s future in Asia-Pacific markets, excluding China.

Mei Chee has helped plan and execute several ZS events, recently launching and organizing emerging pharma connects. This series invites local speakers and ZS experts to discuss ever-evolving topics, such as cell and gene therapy commercialization, considerations and challenges. Since launching these events, Mei Chee has expanded ZS’s presence and expertise in the pharma field, sourcing new clients and project opportunities for her team.

“I think about how to elevate my contributions, consider what clients really need and how my insights can help them,” she says. Top on her list of growth experiences: brainstorming market research sessions with her project team, interviewing physicians and care teams, and learning directly from ZS leadership.

“I feel very inspired by these sessions,” says Mei Chee. “I’m able to ask questions, bounce ideas around and get critical feedback from principals at ZS. Because of this, we’re able to get the best results for our clients.”

For Mei Chee, being at ZS means being heard and respected as she teams with colleagues dedicated to improving health outcomes for all. It’s a fulfilling step forward in carrying out her passion and driving change that matters for patients, clients and the industry.

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