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New to ZS: An empowering start to the ZSer journey

By Ishita Sharma

Oct. 29, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

New to ZS: An empowering start to the ZSer journey

At ZS, we take pride in our innovative New to ZS onboarding program. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, the program goes beyond the traditional orientation process, offering comprehensive training, mentorship opportunities and a supportive network that empowers our people to thrive at ZS. New to ZS helps incoming ZSers transition into their new role, ensuring they feel welcomed and integrated into the community from day one. 

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With their passion for learning and knowledge sharing, ZS’s talent development team works to bring continual improvements to New to ZS. We met with Pooja Shetty, an associate on the talent development team at ZS’s office in Pune. Pooja recalls her inspiration for joining this team and shares, “I joined ZS with a drive for continuous self-improvement, which led me to the talent development team. After pursuing an MBA in human resources, it was clear that this was my path. My goal is to redefine HR by cultivating a culture of constant learning and personal development. I want to empower people to maximize their skills and contribute to our firm’s success. I believe the talent development team is where I can best wield my powers to make this vision a reality.”


Elaborating on the unique characteristics of the New to ZS program, Pooja says, “The onboarding journey for new people blends various learning avenues, including online courses, open-source learning content and personalized learning paths categorized by levels. Our new ZSers have the opportunity to connect with colleagues through peer guidance and engage in insightful conversations about ZS work and culture. Our leaders are equally invested in the process and work hard to integrate the principles learned in our program into ZS’s ecosystem. But it’s not all business; our secret sauce is adding a dash of fun. We sprinkle in some excitement with icebreakers and networking activities that transform new ZSers into bona fide rock stars in no time.”

Pooja is loving her life at ZS, and when asked about what she likes best about her work, she shares, “The unforgettable memories and connections I forge with our new ZSers. Even months after the orientation or boot camp, they fondly recall their early days at ZS. They reflect on the camaraderie they built with fellow newcomers, leaders and the talent development team. This inspires me to exceed expectations and provide our new people with a seamless, impactful experience. Creating lasting bonds is what it’s all about.”

Pooja believes her passion for work constantly challenges her to learn, experiment and take risks, with the confidence that her team has her back every step of the way.

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