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Praharsha’s journey from college campus to ZS

By Ishita Sharma

Aug. 8, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

Praharsha’s journey from college campus to ZS

At ZS, we embrace the uniqueness of our people, including their different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. These differences lead to innovative ideas and better decisions, resulting in more successes for ZS and our clients. One such success story is of Praharsha Nuti, who began her journey at ZS when she attended our campus recruitment program.


Praharsha knew she wanted to get a job in consulting after graduating from college. “I was looking for a consulting firm but getting into ZS was a happy surprise,” she says. “If I had landed elsewhere, I’m sure the culture wouldn’t have been anything like ZS.” Praharsha was first introduced to ZS through our annual university engagement program in India. Through our campus hiring program, ZS engages with college students from schools across India to prepare them for the upcoming placement season and to learn about ZS’s work and culture. Praharsha attended the campus webinar session and was deeply influenced by the team’s culture. “My first interaction with ZS was the pre-placement talk they conducted for students like me to understand what the firm stood for and represented,” she explains. “The passion and vibrant energy they had for the company excited me to be a part of the organization.”

Where passion changes lives

After her experience at the campus recruitment drive, and her time as a ZS intern, Praharsha accepted a full-time role at ZS as a decision analytics associate. She has been working out of the Pune office for just over a year and is presently loving her life as a ZSer—especially the inclusive workplace culture. “The one thing I admire the most is that everyone gets equal importance and opportunity. Opinions are respected, encouraged and always heard. Joining as an intern and being given the same forums as the senior associates on my team helped me feel that my contribution was relevant.”


When asked about her favorite milestone at ZS so far, she says, “My first and biggest milestone in my tenure was an impact assessment exercise I led as an intern. Leading that analysis end-to-end was the most enriching and holistic experience I have had at ZS. Working on that project has helped me gather enough business acumen to branch out from pharma to other industries as well, which is very exciting.”


Praharsha believes that the abundant work opportunities at ZS have not only challenged her but also boosted her confidence and made critical thinking second nature to her. “The mentorship I have received from my team, both onshore and offshore, has played a monumental role in my growth at ZS,” she explains. “The guidance I’ve received and the push in the right direction has helped me become self-reliant. Right from spoon-feeding to being pressure-tested, my team has helped me unlock my true potential.”


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