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Principal Nicolle’s journey to ZS’s value and access space

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Nov. 22, 2020 | Article | 4-minute read

Principal Nicolle’s journey to ZS’s value & access space

At ZS, we’re constantly evolving to provide innovative services, solutions and technologies to our clients. Our growing value and access (V&A) practice area works with clients to bring effective solutions for pricing, market access, and related challenges that our biopharma clients face. Nicolle Hamilton is a principal in V&A, working in ZS’s San Francisco office for over two years.


Before Nicolle joined ZS as an associate principal, she was looking for change and growth. She explains, “As I began exploring potential firms, every conversation I had with a ZSer caused me to turn my head. First, not only does ZS have deep V&A expertise, but also so many adjacencies, enabling interesting and impactful solutions for our clients. Second, ZS’s way of doing business means this is truly a place where I can serve clients well, and where innovation and autonomy are enabled and honored. Finally, it was clear that ZS is a different kind of firm – the culture is unlike anything I have seen to date. Our people are genuinely happy and engaged.”

“ZS is a different kind of firm – the culture is unlike anything I have seen to date.”

Nicolle H.

More than two years in, Nicolle says joining ZS was the right move and has exceeded her expectations. She explains, “I continue to be impressed by the extent of expertise and possibilities within ZS. I often work with other practice areas to develop specific offerings to help our V&A clients in innovative ways. Also, being able to bring my whole self to ZS has been a thrill. For example, I brought my experience leading personal development seminars to empower our team, by creating a 10 Year Vision Workshop. This is so fulfilling and allows me to personally contribute to the strong culture ZS continues to strive for.”


Regarding the culture at ZS and within V&A, Nicolle says, “Our culture is incomparable. I’m a solo mom and I’ve been able to create a healthy work life balance that works and even enabled me to be elected to principal this year.” When asked about what has changed since elected to principal, Nicolle says, “I feel more ownership, like I’m truly helping to build something that at least in part belongs to me. I am bolder in sharing my point of view, and less concerned if I’m proven wrong or if others have better ideas. In fact, all the better—that helps me grow too!”

When it comes to current growth opportunities for new joiners within the V&A space, Nicolle says, “There is enormous opportunity within V&A and adjacent practices to work across a range of project types and business issues, depending on one’s skills and interests. We do everything from value communication strategy and evidence generation planning to pricing to payer marketing to contracting analytics to account management strategy and lots in between. And the people are smart! It’s a lot of fun.”


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