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ZSer celebrates fatherhood while balancing professional commitments

By Ishita Sharma

June 15, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

ZSer celebrates fatherhood while balancing professional commitments

At ZS, we take pride in having a supportive and inclusive culture that enables our ZSers to thrive in their personal and professional development, especially during transitions that come at all stages of life, such as caretaking during childbirth or adoption. The various initiatives and groups at ZS, including My Wellbeing, Life & Family@ZS and Healthy Minds, provide our people with helpful resources to help navigate their childcare journeys. These include parental leave programs for paternity, maternity and adoption.


We understand the importance and the role of both parents during childbirth and adoption. We believe that initiatives such as paternity leave encourage fathers to participate in childcare actively, redistributing responsibilities equally. This, in turn, empowers women to pursue their professional aspirations and contributes to a more balanced and equitable society. One of the recent dads at ZS and a consultant from our Pune office, Rohit Ollupalli, shares his experience.

“I was very pleased when I found that paternity leave can be availed for up to 10 weeks [in India] based on my tenure and the flexibility I had to plan my leave. This gave me a ton of options to plan my family time and leave little room for regret. The process to take advantage of these leaves is hassle-free as well. You connect with ZS’s human resources team, and the team takes care of the rest of the process,” Rohit says.


“ZS’s work culture is very organic and it is not something that is forced,” Rohit says, reflecting on his time at ZS. “The extent of empathy and support that team members create among themselves fosters a collaborative learning environment. ZS’s work culture holds a huge value to me.”


We understand that juggling professional and familial responsibilities can be challenging. The support working fathers receive enables them to be present during crucial milestones in their personal lives. Fathers can also actively participate in childcare and be mindful of keeping a healthy work-life balance. “It is very imperative that new parents use these leaves to the full extent and that ZS continue this program extensively to help new parents at every step. My team was incredibly supportive during this period. They always understood my commitments and extended help, when necessary,” Rohit shares.


Rohit further talks about how ZS’s connected and flexible workplace model has helped him balance his work and personal commitments. “The flexible working hours at ZS helped me spend time with my family and specifically with my partner to ensure she is not overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with motherhood. There are too many things to keep track of while taking care of children, which can sometimes overwhelm parents to a certain extent. However, paternity leave and ZS’s flexible workplace model has helped me to provide a way to be present and support my partner and child.”


At ZS, we aim to foster a culture that values family, diversity and employee well-being. We understand the evolving needs and expectations of our people. By supporting fathers in their caregiving roles, we are creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all.


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