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ZS tech manager reflects on her journey with the platform development team

By Shriram Tarawade

Oct. 16, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS tech manager reflects on her journey with the platform development team

ZS platform experts are creating innovative technologies for healthcare and beyond. In the fall of 2021, ZS launched ZAIDYN™, an AI-powered analytics platform built to help life sciences companies drive real change. From R&D to commercialization, our ZAIDYN platform helps firms make critical, data-driven decisions.


We had a chance to connect with Siddhi Bahl, a test engineering manager who’s part of the ZAIDYN team in India. Siddhi reflects on her incredible 14-year journey with ZS and shares some insights about the platform team.


“As I complete 14 years with ZS, I think about all the wonderful opportunities I've had to learn, mentor and make a difference where it counts. I thank all the inspirational ZS leaders who relied on me to lead and complete challenging projects,” Siddhi says.


When asked what excites her the most about her work, she says, “At ZS, I can always learn something new. What I appreciate about the work here is that good performance is recognized and everyone strives to evolve. I try to learn from my colleagues and integrate their perspectives into the larger picture.”

Where passion changes lives

Siddhi has always been passionate about technology and innovation. She says, “Technology is continuously evolving. Innovation is all around us. A position in technology is a chance to be on the ground floor of exciting new products and solutions. I am glad to have been a part of ZS’s product journey since the earlier days, from JAVELIN® to ZAIDYN products.”


Throughout her career at ZS, Siddhi has worked on various applications and solved issues for configurators and field users while using the newest and most cutting-edge skills. These included extracting insightful information from data analytics and using big data, Amazon Web Services and Agile.


Siddhi also has many firsts to her name. She is proud to be the first woman manager from ZS’s Platform Development Group in India. She was the first to represent ZS at Agile Quest, an initiative by Unicom to identify India’s most knowledgeable Agile professionals. Siddhi represented ZS at the 2016 Agile Olympiad, earning a bronze medal. Additionally, she is glad to have had the opportunity to participate in Path to Principal (P2P), a leadership development initiative by Women@ZS, a group network in India that helps women managers build their leadership skills.


Siddhi credits ZS’s culture and leadership for her career growth and success. She believes that the leadership at ZS enables technological innovation while firmly upholding ZS’s core values of treating people right, getting it right and doing the right thing. “A culture of trust and respect is fostered by leaders who are approachable, empathetic and inspire people to do their best work,” she says.


Join Siddhi and our team of experts that bring ZAIDYN, the intelligent life sciences, cloud-native platform, to our clients around the world.

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