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ZSers take career opportunities to new heights

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Feb. 23, 2021 | Article | 3-minute read

ZSers take career opportunities to new heights

Meaningful work, career growth and opportunities are core to ZS's culture, and often cited as contributing factors as to why our people have such lengthy careers with ZS. Twice a year, deserving ZSers around the world get the exciting news that they have been promoted. Recently, nearly 900 ZSers received the good news that their hard work was recognized with a promotion.


“Throughout my 2.5 years at ZS, I really feel proud to be part of a team that has given me opportunities to work on various technologies and continue to learn and grow. I believe that the type of work we do is so diverse that it helps us build upon multiple skill sets,” says Aakash of our Pune office.


See below how Aakash and other recently promoted ZSers found creative ways to celebrate their success.


Aakash took his family out for a nice dinner to celebrate his promotion and his birthday.

Akshat of our San Mateo office celebrated with good food and walks with his wife to enjoy the sunshine.

Evanston-based James celebrated his promotion with colleagues—current and former—during their annual white elephant party.

Prateek from our Delhi office celebrated in Manali.

San Mateo-based Gunter took his celebration to new heights on a paraglide.

Pune-based Roshni celebrated her promotion and her birthday with her parents and sister.

Manik of our Delhi team took a trip with fellow ZSers and friends to Himachal Pradesh.

Kanish of Delhi celebrated his promotion with his family, enjoying quality time on a trip to Manali for New Year’s Eve.

Shiksha of Delhi was delighted with a surprise virtual celebration from her team.

Irina of our London office celebrated above the clouds on the La Palma island in the Canaries.

Sidharth of the Pune office enjoyed a solo trip to Madhya Pradesh.

Pankhuri of the Pune office had a virtual celebration with her teammates and a special dinner with family.  

Julie of our Evanston office was promoted while on maternity leave! She celebrated with her husband, kids and a champagne toast.

San Mateo-based Adam celebrated with good food and a nice bike ride.

ZSers are known for their dedication to our clients, our work and to making an impact to ZS’s culture. Their hard work and dedication continue to make an everlasting impact.  Congratulations to all recently promoted ZSers!

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