Get prepackaged analytics and algorithms for brand launches, sales performance, digital marketing and more. It's a fast way to get insights into the hands of any team. 

Put dynamic analytics in the hands of people who need more mobile options. Our intelligent apps make data-driven decisions easier—from altering product launch plans and digital spending to learning how to engage key opinion leaders. 

Reduce the total cost of ownership for data labs with an enterprise workbench for ad hoc or experimental analytics. Tableau, Jupyter and other tools connect to run analytics workloads, while collaboration options help teams learn from each other. 

Take the guesswork out of back-end data management. Manage data pipelines with guided workflows, connectors, quality checks and more. Prioritize processing speeds with elastic data processing offered by Amazon Web Services

Keep master data sets for information on healthcare providers and organizations. Use configurable rules to control data from multiple sources. ZAIDYN’s algorithms match and merge data to create a single source of truth. 

Shop your company data in one place with just a few clicks. Users can learn what data is available through glossaries of definitions and business rules. With the data catalog, you get the right level of transparency around each data set.