Inviting Patients to the Center of Drug Development


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While the healthcare industry as a whole is taking steps to become more patient-centric, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to incorporate patient-focused strategies to improve clinical trial design, boost patient enrollment, and drive down treatment costs and study timelines. To help clinical trials adopt a foundation that values patient input—and, ultimately, improves patient outcomes—drug developers need to view trial participants as strategic partners instead of research subjects. The key is to engage patients during the early stages of the drug development process, establish a strong connection and maintain the relationship throughout the clinical trial and beyond.

In this e-book, ZS experts share a four-pillar framework designed to help life sciences companies put patients at the center of all drug development activities.

About the Experts

Aaron Mitchell is a managing principal and the global lead for ZS’s R&D excellence practice. Aaron partners with clients to strengthen the value of their pipelines, optimize the execution of clinical trials, drive effective use of real-world evidence and improve medical and scientific engagement.

Lisa Bance leads life cycle evidence strategy within ZS’s R&D excellence practice. Lisa works with pharmaceutical clients to drive evidence-based strategy, design, analytics and insights from early commercialization to product maturity.

Kristyn Feldman is an associate consultant within the R&D excellence practice. Kristyn’s work focuses on patient centric drug development by leveraging her background in clinical research to define and develop a growing suite of innovative products and consulting services for R&D clients.