ZS Patient Analytics Cloud

The ZS Patient Analytics Cloud (PAC) is a modular ecosystem of apps, solutions and stencils that provides actionable insights to help deliver better patient health outcomes. It achieves this by building an in-depth understanding of the patient and their disease area, uncovering key driving factors that affect health outcomes to enable what interventions are needed and when.

Deliver better patient health outcomes by leveraging the power of real-world data

PAC can significantly accelerate the journey from data to insight while reducing the total cost of ownership by 20%.


Challenges we solve

Remove obstacles to deliver better patient health outcomes using PAC.

Understand the disease

Deliver insights based on an in-depth understanding of a disease or therapeutic area.

Understand the patient

Discover patient demographic, medical and socioeconomic profiles, inequities and barriers to accessing health care.

Understand the drivers of health outcomes

Perform risk stratification using inequities and gaps in clinical care to understand the impact on health outcomes.

Define timely and accurate interventions

Strategize and execute informed interventions with the right stakeholders to ensure more patients under care.


ZS’s approach

PAC is a purpose-built, modular ecosystem of apps, solutions and stencils that accelerates the journey from data to insights.

Standardize data ecosystems

PAC’s unified data model and source-agnostic data quality management routines eliminate data source dependencies.

Foster knowledge sharing and collaboration

Standardized repositories harvest knowledge to reduce reliance on localized expertise and accelerate collaboration.

Shift the focus from analytics to action

Standardized analytics workflows across business functions reduce the time it takes to achieve actionable insights.

Connect patient insights

Bringing together a host of solutions provides key insights on a patient’s journey, from diagnosis to disease progression to treatment management.

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