Business Operations

The world of operations continues to advance quickly, fueled by increasing complexities and better technology that enable businesses to integrate analytics and drive value at scale. Existing operations need to become more efficient while fostering constant experimentation and innovation to find new and better ways to deliver work and improve customer experience. Technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent process automation (IPA) and AI are redefining what it means to manage operations. What used to be run periodically in a manual way is being run in real time using automation.

ZS’s business operations practice works with our clients to transform their businesses and prepare them for the future. We work with more than 100 clients, in more than 90 countries, to run and improve their business operations to drive customer value and company results.

Why partner with ZS?

Deep Expertise: We apply our deep expertise in operations excellence with our industry expertise to enable our clients to make smarter and faster business decisions.

Analytics and Technology: We use our roots in advanced analytics and leading technology platforms to provide insights beyond day-to-day operations.

Proven Solutions: We implement solutions that work long term because we build them with streamlined and agile operations in mind while connecting capabilities across your organization.

ZS is a global professional services firm with more than 35 years of experience, and more than 6,000 experts in consulting, operations and technology.

Our business operations services include managed services, and process excellence and transformation:

Managed Services

ZS provides managed services to run our client’s business operations and processes for a variety of business areas (R&D, forecasting, sales compensation, technology, growth marketing and more). Our managed services deliver sustained results through flawless execution. We apply our expertise in operations excellence with business context and deep domain expertise to enable our clients to make smarter and faster business decisions. We bring a unique combination of process excellence, advanced analytics and automation technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA) and AI, to drive productivity, help businesses grow and build capabilities at scale for our clients. Learn more about the breadth of ZS’s outsourcing service areas.

Process Excellence & Transformation

ZS works with our clients to transform their business processes by creating new ways of working, by harmonizing their business operations and setting up systems to drive continuous improvement. We employ leading process excellence methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma and leverage the latest automation technologies, such as RPA and intelligent process automation (IPA), to improve business processes and operations. We combine our domain expertise, user experience, design thinking, automation, analytics and change management to drive sustainable impact and outcomes for our clients.

Related Services:

Client Shared Services

We work with client organizations of varying sizes. While business problems and solutions are similar for small- to mid-sized businesses, it’s often difficult to achieve holistic solutions at a reasonable price point. So, we offer a client shared services model. We supply process improvement strategies, competitive tools and assets and automation technology to create nimble solutions tailored specifically towards small- to mid-size businesses. Our tailored solutions address a range of capabilities in sales, marketing, consulting, analytics, operations and technology. Our shared services team has worked with more than 60 small- to mid-size clients, offering a unique operating model, extensive industry expertise and affordable cost that make ZS a strong partner for long-term collaboration.

Program Management Expertise Center (PMEC)

We provide strong project and program management support to professionally manage large, complex programs for our clients. For these large and complex projects, we offer expertise from our program management expertise center (PMEC). The PMEC provides end-to-end project management delivery for large, complex programs in business consulting, business technology and business operations to ensure additional cost savings through better risk management, operational efficiency and improved program outcomes. As part of PMEC services, ZS also works with its clients to improve process compliance, standards and operational efficiency using our own enterprise delivery framework based on industry guidelines from PMI and ITIL.