Data Maturity Compass™

The Data Maturity Compass™ is a generative AI-powered tool that helps organizations assess their data maturity and autogenerate transformation strategies at minimum cost and maximum speed. Our data maturity model has a self-managed option for clients who prefer to own and operate the tool independently.


Challenges we solve

Rapid maturity assessment

It is critical for incoming leaders to efficiently and effectively benchmark their current state of data maturity against best practices and industry peers.

Auto-generate a transformational strategy

Leaders can immediately identify opportunities to enhance their data maturity in a ready-to-consume, sequenced roadmap.

Capabilities and roadmap tailored to the organization

The unique data maturity assessment embeds six key strategic profiles that contextualize the assessment to the organization’s specific context and objectives.

Improvement tracking over time

Facilitate direct access into an unmatched set of underlying granular metrics across 14 capability areas, 50+ subcapabilities and five critical capability dimensions.



ZS’s approach

Our accelerator-driven methodology speeds time to insight so we can focus on critical deeper data analysis.

Tool installation and configuration

Our data maturity assessment tool is configured and customized to the client’s unique context.

Respondents assignment

The survey can be assigned to an unlimited number of recipients at no additional cost. Respondents can be mapped to 12 predefined role types to ensure they receive only relevant questions. Distribution and consolidation of results is fully automated.

Current state assessment

A dashboard shares survey results, providing immediate maturity insights across capabilities and dimensions that can be used for ad hoc analysis.

Drive the change

A data capability transformation journey generates a tactical and logically sequenced roadmap that can be connected to real-life organizational initiatives in a matter of days.

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