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Jeff Gold
Principal, San Francisco, California

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Analytics & Reporting

ZS Insight into business performance empowers organizations to track performance. ZS Analytics and Reporting is designed to do just that.

Client KPI and Metric Alignment

ZS helps you define key performance indicators (KPIs), empowering you to align strategic objectives throughout your organization and monitor business performance.

Commercial Performance Tracking

The intuitive ZS platform delivers executive dashboards, sales force reporting data and scorecards. What’s more, you can customize or expand our ARTiS platform – which covers everything from tracking sales force performance to the patient journey – quickly and efficiently.

Ad Hoc Analytics and Data Mining

With a specialty in sales and marketing consulting, plus our data and technological expertise, we can deliver high-end analytics to provide key insights to sales and marketing organizations and make your sales force alignment, forecasting, sales incentives and rebate management programs more effective.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

No sales and marketing campaign can be considered a success unless you know precisely how effective it is. ZS’s intuitive analytical models and approaches can evaluate program effectiveness to show exactly where you can improve.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring creates unique challenges across numerous industries – ZS can help minimize your regulatory and contractual burden through data collection and tracking systems that deliver a broad range of compliance tracking reports.