Manufacturing Decision Studio

Embark on your journey toward smart manufacturing with ZS’s Manufacturing Decision Studio (MDS), our end-to-end solution for manufacturing, engineering and quality. We leverage data from your shop floor to top floor to prepare the digital thread and enable the smarter, agile decision-making necessary in today’s complex manufacturing environment.

Product benefits

How MDS can help

MDS uses data to create a digital thread across manufacturing processes and enables you to execute business faster, with greater accuracy and more efficiency.

Accelerate the digitalization journey across manufacturing

Make more informed decisions and boost efficiency in your journey toward digitalization through unified data, manufacturing digital twins, ready-to-use cloud tools and advanced analytics.

Drive cross-functional collaboration at scale with a digital thread

Use centralized data and insights to break down information silos. Leverage information sharing and transparency across departments for better collaboration across the manufacturing life cycle.

Increase throughput for manufacturing plants

Analyze data to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, anticipate equipment failures and schedule maintenance proactively to reduce downtime.

Expedite product launches

Predict potential issues and optimize processes using predictive analytics for streamlined and accelerated product launches.


Challenges we solve

Manufacturing organizations face barriers to achieving visibility across their value stream. MDS not only provides this much-needed visibility but also insights on what actions to take.

Batch optimization

Identify opportunities for batch optimization and control elevated scrap rates.

Increased cost of quality

Eliminate the elevated quality expenses stemming from process variations and deviations throughout production.

Reduced overall equipment effectiveness

Identify triggers—for example, restricted visibility and insufficient analysis depth—that may lead to reduced overall equipment effectiveness.

Data siloes and limited IT-OT integration

Enable cross-functional collaboration and scale business capabilities with an underlying common and automated decision-making platform that acts as a digital thread.


Key differentiators

MDS helps clients infuse data-driven intelligence into their manufacturing organizations to make informed decisions.


MDS is highly extensible and features scalable architecture, ​semantic data models and reusable AI algorithms.


Purpose-built applications

We use a rich library of purpose-built business applications and ​enterprise-grade, cloud-native analytics to help establish a digital thread.


Domain-driven data models

Our data models are prebuilt for manufacturing and quality data sources​. We use predefined ontologies for the manufacturing and quality domain.



MDS is built on ZS’s powerful Common Component Framework to derive the benefits of a self-serve analytics workbench and data quality management. We use a modular architecture domain and technology architecture.


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