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Resetting how we think about obesity: A patient’s point of view

Nov. 10, 2023 | Podcast | 42-minute listen

Resetting how we think about obesity: A patient’s point of view

Recent headlines about the widespread use of prescription drugs for weight loss have made it a prominent and relevant topic in discussions about health and well-being. In this episode, Bill Coyle, ZS’s global head of biopharma, and Mandi White-Ajmani, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and owner of Small Brooklyn Psychology, talk about the underlying challenges obesity presents to society and healthcare, even as new treatments emerge.


Highlights from the episode:

  • Dr. White-Ajmani shares her personal weight loss journey and how it has affected her life
  • The importance of reducing stigma and promoting open conversations about obesity
  • The role of biopharma companies in developing innovative solutions and providing support and resources for people on their weight loss journeys

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