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Pharma’s digital transformation is about value—here’s where to find it

Sept. 17, 2023 | Article |

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Successful digital transformations depend on leaders’ abilities to focus on value realization.


In this analysis, we show how scaling seven common digital programs inside a typical top-10 pharma company could be worth $1.4-$2.2B in operating income over five years. Aside from the financial upsides, these programs offer significant opportunities for talent growth and strengthen the foundation on which future digital programs can be launched.

Digital programs to scale now

Based on extensive digital transformation experience, ZS has prioritized seven programs that have proven themselves to be top value-creators for the pharmaceutical industry today. They’re the operational powerhouses that can readily scale across large multinational organizations, supported by modern technology, data, and AI and analytics foundations.


As we look ahead, emerging technologies that can be value multipliers, such as the use of generative AI affect these areas, too. However, when it comes to operational capabilities, the most practical and actionable approach remains understanding the core foundations of the seven to scale, why they already work and what you gain by focusing on them.

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