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Global WLI Lead Anne Brocchini named an HBA Rising Star

April 12, 2022 | Article | 2-minute read

Global WLI Lead Anne Brocchini named an HBA Rising Star

ZS is thrilled to announce that Anne Brocchini, women’s leadership strategy and innovations lead, has been named one of Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s (HBA) 2022 Rising Stars. Anne exemplifies what it means to be a “Rising Star” both at ZS and within the healthcare industry, and we are honored that her accomplishments have been recognized and she’s been named among this impressive group of women. Anne’s passion for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace has benefited thousands of ZSers across the globe and driven ZS to become a more human-centered workplace.


Anne is the heart and brain of our Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)
and she shows up every day in support of the women of ZS. “Anne’s energy and commitment to helping ZS women thrive in their careers is inspiring,” says Mike Jakymiw, a ZS principal and former WLI co-chair. “She’s helped build great enthusiasm for continuous growth as a company and as individuals.”


As ZS’s global WLI lead, Anne seeks to create innovative programs that identify and remove hidden barriers to career progression and open lines of communication to senior leadership that give a voice to ZS women.

“Over the past five years, Anne’s dedication to helping women develop strong leadership skills through coaching and mentorship programs and professional development initiatives has made a huge impact in our organization,” confirms Hensley Evans, a Zurich-based ZS principal and former WLI chair.


Anne has deep expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. ZS CEO Pratap Khedkar, who worked with Anne when she led the emerging trends team for the pharmaceutical industry vertical at ZS, explains: “Anne has a curiosity and a passion for learning about the full picture. She did it really well in this role of monitoring trends across the spectrum of healthcare. She expanded and developed the team over several years and showed true leadership when she was able to train her successor and move on to her next passion.”


In addition to her work with WLI and emerging trends, Anne leads training programs across ZS on topics such as unconscious bias and leadership coaching. She is currently working on a three-year strategic vision for wellbeing across ZS. “Anne has been the heart and soul of so many important things at ZS, including our Women’s Leadership Initiative, our Principal Coaching program and more,” says Daniel Brox, a ZS principal. “Anne drives strong impact through her values, people orientation, passion and collaboration with other leaders in ZS.”


Anne has already had an influential and positive impact on our firm. We’re looking forward to everything to come on her journey—the future successes she will realize both for herself and our organization.


Congratulations, Anne!

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