Enterprises have vast amounts of data across the business, often siloed and usually only made available to people with certain technical skills. You need the right tools and technologies to enable enterprise-wide insights.

When multiple teams are working with the same data, and you lack a consistent data storage approach and standardized reporting, there can be different interpretations that lead to inconsistent decisions.

Given the ever-increasing volume and variety of data, it’s often a struggle to understand data relationships and determine the most powerful predictors.

Your analytics solutions are likely ready for an upgrade so that you can fuel your teams with data from a modern business intelligence tool.

Business intelligence will soon support more than half the workforce due to natural language processing and conversational analytics. We can help you prepare, using AI/ML and NLP techniques to scan data, extract insights and enable voice queries.

Embedding analytics and insights into business apps and workflow is our key design principle. Transition from static reports to dynamic data stories using our reporting solutions to provide an immersive and guided experience, and inspire action.

With ZAIDYN you can empower your analysts to efficiently access the tools and technologies they need in one place. The outcome? Ease of use, accelerated analysis, best practices embedded in the tool and reduced cost of ownership.

Optimize data insight by using machine learning and natural language to automate time-consuming tasks like data preparation, insight generation and insight explanation. Task time falls from days to minutes.