SFE Navigator™

ZS can help you create a performance-based sales organization focused on pursuing new opportunities and satisfying existing customers. We’ll start with a quick assessment to help you understand where your organization is today and identify the steps it needs to take next.


Challenges we solve

SFE Navigator is an online tool to evaluate sales force effectiveness. It combines a comprehensive framework with leading-practice benchmarks, objective rating scales and explicit assessments of driver interdependencies.

Greater objectivity, accuracy and specificity

SFE Navigator combines a more comprehensive framework with uniquely granular leading-practice benchmarks, more objective rating scales and more explicit assessments of driver interdependencies.

Increased business impact

SFE Navigator links prioritization decisions to the sales force’s most important growth opportunities, key pain points and costly competitive disadvantages.

Broader applicability

SFE Navigator is designed to support any industry, region and combination of sales models, including key account programs, field sales and inside sales.

Leadership alignment

SFE Navigator allows leadership teams to decide where to prioritize SFE investments for maximum impact.


SFE Navigator provides a number of powerful advances over other models and approaches

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