Canary Decision Studio

Arm your team with a portfolio of purpose-built applications to improve supply chain risk management and optimize resource allocation. Canary Decision Studio uses data captured across your supply chain so you can sense potential disruptions ahead of time. Our traditional and generative AI applications help guide you to optimal risk mitigation actions so you can dramatically improve resilience, efficiency and service levels.

Product benefits

How Canary Decision Studio can help

The Canary Decision Studio includes a portfolio of AI-enabled applications purpose-built to improve supply chain risk management and performance.

Identify disruption earlier

Monitor traditional and nontraditional information sources to identify risks in your supplier network proactively.

Enable resilience efficiently

Determine how to best mitigate risk without adding unnecessary capital and operating expense.

Maintain superior service

Take action to ensure supply and demand service levels are maintained seamlessly.


Challenges we solve

Supply chain is inherently a complex optimization problem with a huge scale. To ensure smooth operations, organizations need to remain conscious of six Rs: right product, right cost, right place, right time, right quality and right quantity.

Supply disruption

Identify risk in your supply network proactively to prepare for potential disruptions for suppliers.

Inventory stock outs

Predict when orders will exceed safety stock levels based on supply and demand forecasts.

Inventory waste

Eliminate unnecessary inventory investment by optimizing raw material orders and SKU allocation.

High transportation costs

Identify opportunities to optimize transportation mode and carrier decisions to reduce unnecessary costs.

Inconsistent order fulfillment

Improve achievement of on-time, in-full order fulfillment by optimizing product allocation and substitution recommendations.

Lost customer value

Reduce revenue leakage and improve loyalty by ensuring customers' expected service levels are achieved.

Why ZS?

Key differentiators

ZS’s unique blend of expertise in supply chain and manufacturing, AI and ML and advanced analytics, and sales and marketing strategy and operations enables us to use AI in a more sophisticated and comprehensive way to manage supply chain risk.

Deep industry and cross-functional expertise

We draw upon our established expertise in commercial sales and marketing. We understand the interrelations among business functions and integrate insights, strategic formulation and meticulous implementation into our strategies.


Value creation through technology, automation and AI

Our AI center of excellence capabilities have been developed with a focus on driving AI innovation and industrialization for our clients. We invest in developing proprietary assets to accelerate advanced analytics adoption.



Product Features

A smarter way to reduce supply chain risks

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