How ZS Atlas Intelligence works

Where other products on the market capture only limited insights or analyze sentiment with no path to action, ZS Atlas Intelligence offers deeper, actionable insights that help you make critical decisions.


ZS Atlas Intelligence acts as a “consultant in a box,” helping you solve problems faster than ever before. It’s unlike anything else on the market because:

  • We’ve engineered it to speak the language of consumers.
  • It reveals more unknowns about your product or brand through its automated, bottom-up analytical approach that avoids the bias that can come from human-led, top-down approaches.
  • It actually helps you make decisions using the decision-making layer on top of its metrics and visualizations.
  • It’s data-source agnostic and can ingest external or internal information that we tailor to suit your needs.
  • It’s powered by ZS. You can use it yourself or have our consultants run it for you.

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