• Javelin

    ZS Javelin ecosystem is a complete suite of platforms and pre-packaged analytics models. It provides a holistic approach across various roles, and goes beyond the traditional sales rep model, through a combination of our products and services. We understand the complexity of managing the sales cycle, and leverage our deep domain expertise to help you design a perfect sales model that allows you to address your most critical challenges. 

  • REVO

    REVO Analytics meets your needs across all stages of drug development with powerful modules and applications that are beneficial for many teams. Each configurable module is built to solve for specific use cases by geography, considerably speeding up and automating analytics delivery. REVO covers all aspects of analytics from data management to dashboarding to advanced analytics using AI/ML, analytic accelerators and embedded packaged analytics.


    VERSO enables life sciences companies to improve the customer experience by bridging strategic planning and tactical execution. It brings together artificial intelligence and machine learning with user-centered design and domain expertise to help commercial teams generate valuable, actionable customer insights; make insights-driven, well-orchestrated commercial decisions; and automate commercial tactics.