Today’s Competitive Oncology Landscape Highlights Need for Strong, Differentiated Commercial Approach

An explosion of investment in specialty oncology therapeutics has resulted in a wealth of exciting R&D. There are even companies creating innovative partnerships to bring new cancer drugs to market utilizing combination regimens. With this market projected to double between 2010 and 2020, companies are battling fiercely to gain market share with top oncologists.

The evolving environment also opens clinical questions with commercial implications:

  • What sequencing should be used when multiple products are available?
  • What is the role of combination vs. monotherapy?
  • Where can we get more targeted, and what is the role of immunotherapy with or without targeted therapies?

These questions underscore not just the evolution of cancer treatment options today but the complexity surrounding how companies need to approach their market access commercial strategies.

With so many variables to get right — coupled with the reality of doing more with less and managing resources across multiple launches —are you equipped to succeed? ZS has over a decade of experience working with leading oncology manufacturers to ensure success for their products across the drug development and commercialization life cycle.

Solutions That Help Across All Stages

ZS offers a full spectrum of solutions that address the nuances of oncology.  We help companies find competitive advantage at every lifecycle stage — planning, strategy, and implementation. ZS Associates has deep expertise advising life science companies on how to develop, market, and sell successful oncology therapies.

Portfolio Strategy and Lifecycle Management Solutions

Our teams work with emerging and existing companies for opportunity assessment, franchise and brand strategy. We enable brand plans that align with portfolio and strategic priorities. ZS also develops full global product launch programs and provides life-cycle management support.

Value Proposition, Pricing Strategy and Communication

We are well suited to advise on value and strategic pricing — oncology therapeutics represent more than 50% of ZS’s global work in market access strategy and pricing. Our clients rely on our expertise to craft and communicate the value proposition for all stakeholders — payers, accounts, physicians, and patients.  

Market Research and Marketing Solutions

ZS provides a broad range of market research and marketing consulting services across the product lifecycle to help set and implement where to play and how to win.

These include:

  • Segmentation, targeting and messaging
  • Forecasting
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Brand positioning
  • Concept and message testing
  • Pricing and market access
  • Performance and usage tracking

Redefining Field Solutions

Pharmaceutical and biotech sales reps struggle with reduced physician access — and oncologists are the most restrictive of the lot. We create detailed field force designs that outline size, structure, strategic account, market access, medical affairs teams, and other critical roles.  Our recommendations also include account planning, territory alignment, call frequency, and suggested compensation incentives.

Customer Centric Marketing and Engagement

Marketing teams need to be able to reach the customer where they are with messages that will support the strategy and planned outcomes. ZS has a proven, holistic approach for developing and delivering integrated customer-centric marketing solutions that consistently improve customer engagement and increase sales.

Data and Operations Solutions

Sifting through the data and analytics to understand brand performance can be a challenge. ZS builds data warehouses to help conquer the challenges of integrating multiple data sources and lessen data availability limitations. Our dashboards give executives and sales teams visibility into KPI’s and in-field performance. Our clients rely on our solutions to make better data-driven decisions — a clear advantage in the competitive oncology field.

Why ZS Is the Consulting Partner of Choice for Oncology Companies

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, ZS is a leader in delivering actionable insights based on rigorous analytics. We use these insights to develop the right strategy, marketing, sales, and operations plans to lead our clients to successful oncology product commercialization.

At ZS, we believe competitive advantage comes not only from the product itself, but the ability to understand a more complex and refined market, build analyses and assumptions to predict and understand performance, and design an agile and specific customer-facing delivery model that seamlessly integrates objectives, roles, and customer experience.

Our clients rely on our deep knowledge of the unique dynamics of treatments, familiarity with the variety of oncology data sources, and insights into the rapidly evolving regulatory and reimbursement environment.

ZS brings together multiple areas of expertise — therapeutic depth, market research, modeling and data analysis capabilities, and field experience—to help our clients achieve the maximum return on their oncology investments.