We help teams understand and elucidate the biology and science needed to identify novel targets, biomarkers and drug candidates. 

We work with clients to reduce uncertainty and risk, ultimately enhancing the probability of scientific, regulatory and reimbursement success. 

We help teams develop and tap into new knowledge and data while also applying in-silico methods to replace or inform bench research.

We work with clients to plan their digital transformation of research and early development, including scientific strategy, benchmarking, design of agile research operating models and strategies to source novel science. 

We help clients introduce AI platforms for in-silico science, make research data FAIR+T by introducing intelligent data management, establish bioinformatics and multi-omics platforms, and migrate scientific computing environments to the cloud.

We empower clients to answer scientific questions, identify novel targets and biomarkers, design and execute experiments, create systems biology models and identify molecular patient subtypes.

We work with clients to develop robust omics data strategies, build customized bioinformatics analyses, create bioinformatics apps and leverage AI and machine learning to advance their research.